What a difference !   

Yes.  This is little Anosh who is showing off the friendship bracelet hand made and sent to him by one of our young supporters (see our news section for that story). It's hard to believe it's the same child pictured in the inset when he first arrived at our school. Through your generosity, he's one of the children who you've not only helped to educate, but he has more love in his heart and more food in his stomach!

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RCF's Goal For "Giving Tuesday" is $10,000 For School Expansion -- So that we can get 20+ orphans and destitute children off the waiting list!!

Our school is currently maxed out with 52 full time students.  We desperately want to get more children out of harm's way and into the safe haven Redeemer Christian School provides. We need a larger facility.  With the expansion comes increased costs.  We, at RCF, Inc. are also tired of all the commercialism that now surrounds what used to be a wonderful holiday in which we thanked God for our blessings and gave back to Him out of the abundance of our blessings.


YOU have been so generous in making a great impact in these young lives.  Thanks to YOU lives are being transformed.  YOU are unselfish givers.  We've all heard of "selfies" but what if this year was the year of the "Un"selfie??  Check out some of these "Un"selfies of people, like you, who continue to pour out love to change lives and give hope.

CHECK OUT THESE "Un"selfies:


We're too small at this time to be rated by Charity Navigator, but click below to see our ratings utilizing their published criteria.  We're proud to have a near perfect score!

Hear our president and founder, Bev talk about RCF in this podcast!  

With all the news of hate being perpetrated in this world, listen while Bev shares the GOOD NEWS of how RCF, Inc. is daring to go where few others dare to go - into the Middle East - in order to promote love and hope through a Christ centered education where it is needed most. Catch the vision for a different future  

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did unto me."

  (Jesus speaking in Matthew 25:40)

Saving lives and souls

Our mission is to promote the hope and love of Jesus Christ with people around the world with a particular focus on providing a Christian education to those who are orphaned, impoverished, oppressed, or persecuted for their faith.

Our Children's Stories

Nawaz (left) and Muskan (right) before and together after.

Nawaz (left) and Muskan (right) before and together after.

Nawaz and Muskan

Nawaz and Muskan are brother and sister.  Their parents are among the poorest of the poor.  Since their parents could not afford to care for their children, these two, together, roamed the streets.  Destitute, they showed up on the doorstep of one of the schools we support in the Middle East. Hungry and afraid, their sullen faces soon turned to joy in this House of Hope that compassionate supporters have helped to fund. 

Arzo before (left) and after (right).

Arzo before (left) and after (right).


Arzo's father is physically and mentally ill.  He is also into witchcraft.  Her mother, uneducated, is unable to support their children so Arzo has had to fend for herself.  She has literally been a slave for people in order to feed herself.  She always dreamed of an education, but most schools in her country require tuition for school and very few offer a Biblically based curriculum.  Thankful to find her way to a school that RCF, Inc. assists, she is loving being in school for the first time in her life.  She now has hope for her future.

Adil before (left) and after (right).

Adil before (left) and after (right).


When Adil came to one of the schools we help to fund, he literally did not have a shirt on his back.  He roamed the streets by day and was a scared orphan of the streets by night.  Malnourished, Adil is now thriving.  He loves being able to sing praise songs and pray.  He is getting an education and learning about Jesus' unfathomable love for him.  His, is a life transformed.