Charity Navigator is an independent entity that rates non-profit charities, While not big enough yet to make their radar,  RCF stacked itself up against their criteria.

According to their criteria what is RCF's score?

1. Program Expense Ratio - Score 9/10- 81%.  Also factor in the Board pays for 100% of fundraising and overhead expenses so ALL of your donation goes to children.

2. Administrative Expense Ratio - Score 10/10 < 15%

3. Fundraising Expense Ratio - Score 10/10 < 10%

4. Fundraising Efficiency (Amt spent per $1. raised) - Score 10/10 < $0.10

5. Program Expense Growth- Outlays to school increased over 10% - Score 10/10

6. Working Capital Ratio - Assets  could sustain charity for > 1 year - Score 10/10

7. Liabilities to Assets - No paid salaries and minimal liabilities - Score 10/10 < 5%

That's almost a PERFECT SCORE - unheard of for a young non-profit!.  Financial Report available upon request.


Redeemer Christian Foundation, Inc is a registered 501c3 North Carolina charity whose purpose is to assist in providing Christian education in impoverished areas. 


Beverly Rihtarchik,  Founder,  President

Amy Devanney, Vice President

Gregg Oonk, Treasurer

Amy Duncan, Secretary

Ellen Brookhart

Kate Durbin

Jana Schmitt