Paypal / Credit Card Donations

There are many different levels on which you can help, and we've provided different fixed options from which to select, or you can scroll down to the bottom and give any amount that you would like.   Remember that our board donates their time and money to cover administrative costs like running our website, so that all of your donation goes straight toward helping the children. 

We've switched to Paypal as they have the lowest rate for processing credit cards for charities.  You do not have to have a Paypal account, you can simply press 'Continue' when you are on the Paypal page to pay by credit card for any of the below contribution levels.   Once your contribution is complete, you'll be redirected back to our pages.

 Press the 'Donate' button under the option you prefer.  Many levels of donations are available,  including special fundraisers we will be including time to time. If you prefer to give a donation of a different amount, the last option will allow you to donate any amount you prefer.  

Thank you for your financial support as well as your prayers!

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Christmas in July!

We're currently having our Christmas in July program which allows us to make Christmas special for all of our children.  Please contribute $30 per child you would like to sponsor!

Christmas in July for one child - $30.

Christmas in July - sponsor multiple children.  Please insert total amount @ $30/child (e.g. 3 children = $90)

Partner Promise

When would you like this to recur
How many times would you like this to recur? (including this payment)
Enter your Donation Amount

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child for $15/month for a single year.

Sponsor a child for $15/month for one year with ongoing automatic renewal (go to to cancel - My profile - My money - Automatic payments)

Sponsor a child for a single year with a one time $180 payment.

Sponsor a child for $180 / year with ongoing annual renewal (go to to cancel - My profile - My money - Automatic payments)

One Time Donations

One time donation of $25  (This can provide several meals for our children which may be the only solid nutrition they receive during a day.)

One time donation of $50 (We have many costs this helps us cover like rent, teachers and security.  Your additional donation can help us with books and school supplies as well!)

One time donation of $100 (As we receive more larger contributions, this gives us a chance to also get needed desks or shared learning tools such as laptops!)

For a one time donation of any different amount, please press the below button for options and payments